The Medals

We can make them to many sizes and design choices – let’s have a chat! Variables that offer alternatives to the medal’s appearance, price and turnaround include the choice of timber species, size, ribbon type, design and detail (time on the laser cutter.) We can work to a budget, or work to provide you with the most specific of medals – your choice.


Team Elite works with Timber merchants based in SE Queensland to help offer a range of Australian (mainly indigenous) sustainably grown timber. The choices include:

  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Hoop Pine
  • Radiata Pine
  • Queensland Maple
  • Others too – ask for details

The different timbers have varying price implications and appearances – call for some help.


The ribbons help finish off the medals and also add to distinction between first, second and third. We can supply personalised ribbons for your event, manufactured in recycled polyester. These ribbons can be either sublimated, allowing all over digital print, or printed, say, in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Team Elite also can supply generic first, second, third place ribbons (Red/Blue/Green – in that order) which can offer a saving and are ideal for a quick turnaround.


Being manufactured in our premises in Brisbane, we have a lot more flexibility than with the imported medals, which we also supply. However, the process still takes planning, as we can only make between 250/300 medals per day. We hold stocks of all the timbers shown on this site, but allowance needs to be made for large orders. Customised  Ribbons take a minimum four/six weeks to order in – so that needs to be planned too, unless using our stock generic ribbons. If you want detail on the back of the medals, such as event, year, position etc. We will need that information in a spreadsheet.

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